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Find practical inspiration for excellent learning about Humanism in RE in England and Wales, including answers to students’ questions about Humanism.

NATRE (National Association of Teachers of Religious Education)

Resources, guidance and support to RE teachers, help with the curriculum and the latest RE news.


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Includes a short video titled titled What is Humanism:
Life is like a maze: we all have to make decisions about which direction to take, and it can be difficult to know which way to go. Religious people have their leaders and holy books to guide them, but what if you don’t believe in God? How do atheists decide what is right and wrong? Humanism might have the answer.

Whats the big idea


This is CBeebies’ first ever Philosophy show for pre-schoolers. The programme takes children on a journey of philosophical enquiry with Hugo, its central character. Each episode begins with Hugo asking a ‘big’ question such as; ‘What is the difference between thinking and dreaming?’, ‘Can it ever be good to be angry?’ and ‘Why do people feel sad?’

Big Heritage_WebBIG HERITAGE

A social enterprise engaging museums, schools, and communities with the past. Their educational activities link to science, and touch on themes in religious education, and philosophy and ethics. Big Heritage works with schools, colleges, and universities across the UK to deliver workshops and training to enhance teaching skills. Some of its award-winning school work includes Big Schools Digs. CSI-style investigations and Roman, Viking and Anglo-Saxon discovery days. Watch the video of their workshop on Magic or Medicine? and the Roman Medical Roadshow.

Humanism for Schools

Humanism is a non-religious approach to life, which the 2013 national framework for RE in England recommends be studied in schools as an example of a 'non-religious worldview'.

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