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Humanist perspectives

The BHA’s educational resources are for teachers who want to make RE/RME, Citizenship and PSHE/PSE/Health and Wellbeing properly inclusive, and for students researching assignments. They are all PDF resources and you will need Adobe Reader to view and print them.

Most of these resources for students of all ages outline how humanists approach a range of issues. They contain discussion questions, further reading suggestions and web links, as well as a humanist perspective. (Please note that they are not intended to be definitive or prescriptive statements about what all humanists think or BHA policy.)

KS 1-2 : Ages 5-11

Happy Human symbol
How the Earth began – for absolute beginners, with extensive notes for teachers.
The Golden Rule
Celebrations and ceremonies

KS 3+ : Ages 11-16 | Humanist discussions of social and moral issues

Thinking about ethics – use this as in introduction to the others.
Animal welfare
Crime and punishment
Discrimination and prejudice
Embryo research
Environmental issues
Genetic research and engineering
Human rights
Immigration and asylum
STDs including AIDS
World poverty

KS 3+ : Ages 11-16 | Humanist discussions of philosophical and religious issues

Celebrations and ceremonies
Thinking about ethics
Death and other big questions
Evil and suffering
Does God exist?
The Golden Rule
Miracles and faith healing
Religious festivals and ceremonies

KS 3+ : Ages 11-16 | Humanism and humanist history

What is humanism? an introduction for students.
Humanists working for a better world
Humanism, a summary for teachers and SACREs – a one page table of the main points.

Humanism for Schools

Humanism is a non-religious approach to life, which the 2013 national framework for RE in England recommends be studied in schools as an example of a 'non-religious worldview'.

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